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Welcome to Feastology About Us, your go-to catering service provider for all your culinary needs. With a passion for flavor and an unwavering commitment to quality, we create unforgettable dining experiences.

Our talented team of chefs and event specialists work tirelessly to craft a menu that showcases both traditional and innovative dishes. From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, we bring a personalized touch to every event, ensuring that each guest is treated to a feast of flavors and an exceptional level of service.

Rebecca Wallace

Rebecca was born and raised in Long Beach, California. From a young age she exhibited a strong inclination toward the culinary world. She didn’t know what that looked like, but knew she wanted to be a part of it. 

Her journey commenced during high school, where she engaged with prestigious restaurants, meticulously acquainting herself with every role and acquiring new culinary techniques. This foundational experience smoothly transitioned into managerial and entrepreneurial roles within the restaurant and catering sector, coinciding with her pursuit of a Hospitality Management degree at Cal Poly Pomona.

During her academic tenure at Cal Poly, she had the pleasure of being trained by world famous chefs from the L.A. area, further enhancing her culinary expertise. Over the years, Rebecca’s culinary aptitude extended to diverse clienteles, including film and television shoots, celebrities, athletes, and political figures. This journey also encompassed ownership and operation of various culinary enterprises, including a restaurant, food truck, and catering company spanning locations in both California and Arizona.

Taking a strategic hiatus from the culinary sphere for five years while residing in Arizona, Rebecca, in collaboration with her husband, ventured into the realm of business, spearheading a restoration company and two crime and trauma scene cleaning enterprises. Despite this professional shift, her passion for culinary arts remained undeterred. During this period, she extended her goodwill by generously donating her culinary creations to first responders and victim advocates, viewing food as her profound expression of love.

In 2022, Rebecca, accompanied by her husband and business partner, Josh, alongside their two daughters, Amari and Liora, relocated to Colorado, embarking on a promising new chapter. This chapter is characterized by a commitment to crafting delectable culinary offerings, promising an exquisite fusion of flavors and culinary experiences for the community they serve.

Joshua Wallace

In the heart of Orange County, California, a man named Joshua blossomed amidst the sun-kissed landscape. Raised in this vibrant region, he navigated the corridors of corporate America, embracing various roles over the years. In 2013, destiny took an intriguing turn when he assumed the mantle of general manager for the family-owned underground construction company, a torch passed down by his father-in-law. In this pivotal role, he gained invaluable insights into orchestrating a business from its helm to its foundation.

After the transition of the family venture, Joshua decided to carve a path of his own. This decision birthed Bio-One of Flagstaff, a venture he embarked upon with Rebecca. Nearly five years in the restoration industry beckoned, and it was during this journey that they unearthed a profound passion for working together. Their distinct personalities and complementary differences wove together seamlessly, creating a dynamic synergy that fueled their shared ambitions.

Amidst the restoration work, Joshua’s eyes were opened to the transformative power of food. While alongside Rebecca, he had numerous opportunities to curate catering experiences for first responders. Witnessing the profound impact food had on people, he realized the immense potential it held to touch lives and create meaningful connections.

Life’s compass pointed them toward Colorado, nudging them away from their restoration enterprises and towards the tantalizing world of culinary arts. It was a divine calling they could not ignore, a stirring in their souls that foretold something grand on the horizon. Guided by a series of affirmations and spiritual insights, they embraced their destiny and founded Feastology Catering. Joshua’s heart brims with excitement at the prospect of pouring love and creativity into his community through Feastology, knowing that this culinary venture is the conduit through which they will touch lives and make a lasting difference.

Our Mission

We are a Christ-centered business following our calling to advance the Kingdom by showing love to people by feeding them quality and delicious food and offering a wide range of customizable products and services.

Our Vision

Creating unforgettable culinary experiences through innovative menus, exceptional service, and a passion for quality ingredients, our food catering company aims to delight and satisfy every palate. Contact us for more help on +303-874-4656